ZEUS Employee Management System (EMS)




Zeus EMS is the most advanced Employee Management system with a web interface that you can use within your organization’s local network.

You can perform attendance calculations from any computer that can access your office, customize attendance screens according to your user, simplify the display of working types you want to see on your screen by changing their visibility instantly, and define multiple entries and different authorization levels. Since it is used with a web interface, it does not require the installation of special software on computers, does not burden the computer, stays always up-to-date, and supports multiple languages.



ZEUS EMS is now more powerful and easier with its mobile application (ZEUS App)!

ZEUS App is the mobile application of the ZEUS EMS System and is a QR code-based solution that works on smartphones and tablets. This application facilitates the creation of entry and exit records of employee within the company, allowing easy passage through doors without the need for traditional card usage. ZEUS App speeds up daily business processes, providing a more efficient working experience for managers.

Mobile employee management system ZEUS App is a QR code-based solution that works on smartphones and tablets. Employees can use their personal QR codes to pass through doors via the mobile application, eliminating the obligation to carry cards and facilitating the work of both employee and managers.




If you do not want to use a fixed access control device for entry and exit, we have another solution for you; Zeus GATE!

Zeus Gate eliminates the need to invest in a fixed access control device and makes employee attendance control faster and more cost-effective. This allows businesses to save costs that would otherwise be spent on acquiring a physical device. It can be used without the obligation to stay connected to a local network with an Android device. It can be used with Wifi or a portable internet provider, and the location of the device can be determined according to the operation. This feature allows Zeus Gate to be used in outdoor events. It has the ability to generate a QR code that changes every 15 seconds, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized access. Since a new QR code is created for each passage, the risk of unauthorized use by copying is eliminated.

Thanks to the location verification feature, business owners or managers can decide where the scanned QR codes will be valid. This prevents the use of QR codes outside the designated location, enhancing security even further.

Frequently Asked Questions

EMS is a software solution that digitally manages and monitors human resources management processes within an organization or business. EMS is used to facilitate the operation of the employee department, increase efficiency, and make workforce management more effective. It also ensures the secure tracking and management of employee information.

  • Employee Information Management: EMS stores basic information about all employees (name, surname, contact information, identification information, etc.) in a central database. This allows the management of entry and exit records using stored employee files, reducing the risk of human error compared to manual tracking.
  • Location-Based Tracking: EMS can use location tracking features to monitor the movements of employees in the workplace. This allows tracking how much time employees spend in specific areas, providing valuable information for performance evaluations or business processes.
  • Attendance and Absence Management: EMS tracks employees’ use of leave and their attendance status. This allows easy viewing of leave requests, approval processes, and reasons for employee absenteeism.
  • Workforce Productivity and Planning: The analysis of employees’ entry and exit times and movements can be used to increase workforce productivity and make internal business processes more efficient. It also provides data to plan workforce more effectively.
  • Improving Employee Performance: EMS is a valuable tool for evaluating and improving employee performance. By analyzing entry-exit times and movements, it is possible to understand employee performance and provide training or guidance as needed.

Zeus Employee Management System is an advanced and user-friendly web application that allows you to manage the access security system in your business.

You can manage access points in your business through a single interface. With its hybrid structure, it can manage hardware such as card readers, fingerprints, face recognition, and QR readers from a single point. With Zeus Employee Management System, you can record the entry and exit times of your employees and receive reports on the daily, weekly, and monthly movements of areas within the location. Reports such as monthly attendance and work reports, such as latecomers and early leavers, can also be obtained.

Zeus Employee Management System is an automation system that determines, evaluates, and instantly transmits information about the locations of employee within specified areas, based on regional reports on employee productivity, on a person and hour basis. The system allows for grouping such as employee, contractors, interns, etc., and allows for group-specific authorization levels for doors, turnstiles, and different access control points. In emergencies (earthquakes, fires, etc.), real-time “who is where?” reports can be used to check whether all employees are safe. Employee Management System is an advanced management system that can be used with a web interface on the local network within the organization and with a cloud-based structure that can be managed and used from anywhere.

With Zeus Employee Management System (EMS):

  • Flexible authorization according to user levels.
  • It supports limited time authorizations with temporary authorization.
  • It has a customized filter feature on reporting screens.
  • It can provide common use with multi-language support for domestic and international operations.
  • As a web application, you can access the platform from any computer in your business.

ZEUS App enables human resources to centrally manage all processes with multiple participations from different locations, ensuring efficient work for managers. Data such as employee entry-exits, leave usage, and absenteeism status are stored in a central database, facilitating workforce management for managers.

It enables the collection of entry and exit records by scanning QR codes on the application for employees working in different locations or in the field. The application ensures a real-time location and time-based process for company officials, store managers, and team leaders, using the application on their phones or tablets.

ZEUS App is Highly Secure

ZEUS App’s high-security structure is designed to maximize the protection of employee entry and exit control processes. In entry and exit tracking processes, a unique QR Code specific to the employee is generated and given, increasing the security of the record to the highest level. This QR Code can be created in a unique way once if desired or produced as a unique new code for each passage if desired.

By tracking the service usage of all your employees using the services, you can ensure their safety. Thanks to the real-time data flow in employee services, you can receive daily movement (boarding-disembarking) reports and location information on a map.

Only Your Employee Can Use the Services!

Your employee enter the service by swiping their card. Users without a card or without access rights to the relevant service cannot benefit from the service.

You Can Receive Individual Boarding-Disembarking Reports!

  • Where and at what time they boarded/disembarked (real-time location)
  • Who is in the vehicle?
  • How long was spent in the service?
  • Control from the boarding/disembarking point with the company EMS system
  • Quick intervention capability in case of emergencies such as accidents or natural disasters
  • Real-time live reporting
  • You Can Receive Service Route and Efficiency Reports

You can provide reporting on details such as time, fuel, number of people, distance, stopping, speed, idle operation, performance, etc.

Reduce Your Transportation Costs!

With this system using tracking devices and special map technologies, you can determine how vehicles will go to the addresses they need to go to in the shortest time possible. Rule-breaking uses can be reported.

With this detailed data flow capability, you have data that will minimize your transportation costs by saving fuel and time.

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