Hotel Guest Tracking System

What is the Next-Generation Hotel Guest Tracking System?

It is used to control the entry and exit of guests and their access rights to specific points in the hotel. Biometric records of guests are taken during hotel check-in, and the registration process is completed by entering the validity period of the accommodation.

Through the facial recognition system placed at the facility entrance, more effective control is achieved throughout the guest’s stay, preventing unauthorized use. Devices placed in restricted areas such as à la carte restaurants, gym, sauna, facilitate easier monitoring of the usage of these areas.

At the end of the facility’s accommodation period, guest records are automatically deleted from the system, and their access rights expire.

Hotel Guest Tracking System Workflow

  • Facial recognition technology eliminates the need for card and bracelet carrying.
  • Benefit from all the facilities in the hotel by authenticating with your face.
  • Prevents unauthorized entries and exits at hotels.
  • Provides guests with unforgettable and personalized accommodation experiences.

Guest Registration Point

Guest Information Entry During the entry of guests into the facility, registration processes are carried out in the system. Authorization processes related to payment point usage are performed.

Biometric Face Registration Biometric face records of guests are taken for the purpose of using payment points within the facility. An option for bracelets is provided for guests who do not want to undergo biometric registration.

Guest Check-Out Process Biometric records of guests who have completed facility usage are canceled.

Control Point


Facility Entry Control

The facial recognition device placed at the main entrance of the facility checks the records of your visitors. Approval is given for active guests. Confirmation can be obtained from the responsible receptionist at the security point with guest information for guests who have completed facility usage.

Private Area Control

Through the special authorization levels defined by the reception at the facility entrance, control of access rights to private areas can be ensured. In area usage, the facial recognition devices check the guest’s right. Approval is given for guests with usage permission.


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