Environmental Security Systems


Environmental Security Systems utilize fiber-based “Future Fiber Technologies (FFT)”:

Detects entry attempts to critical facilities using only fiber optic cables in outdoor areas, without the need for any active products. It assists operators in confirming entry attempts in real-time through enhanced integration capabilities with different camera systems.

Barrier Systems

Parking barrier systems are used to prevent unauthorized entries or control access in and out of areas. Barrier systems, used to control all entries in areas where vehicle entry is unwanted, are crucial for both life and property safety.

Turnstile Systems

Turnstile systems play a significant role as devices used for security and access control purposes in businesses and facilities. They are commonly preferred at building entrances and factory entrances to keep track of individuals’ identity information and prevent unauthorized access. Turnstile systems are frequently used in various sectors, including building entrances, factory entrances, plazas, schools, gyms, stadiums, prisons, and various other areas.

Closed-Circuit Camera Systems (CCTV)

Closed-Circuit Camera Systems, abbreviated as CCTV, refer to a system where images captured through cameras are transmitted to a specific location. Unlike television systems, CCTV is defined as a monitoring system that observes a specific area instead of broadcasting images to a wide audience. Today, CCTV is commonly used for security purposes and can also be applied in traffic control and monitoring hazardous areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Barrier systems are mechanical and automatic systems used in places like parking lots, where vehicle entries and exits are controlled. These systems, designed to control or restrict the passage of vehicles by creating a physical barrier, come in various types for different purposes. Here are some basic types of barrier systems:

    • Manual Barrier Systems: These are simple mechanisms controlled physically by the user. They are often used in parking lots or private areas, where users typically use a key or remote control to open or close the barrier.
    • Automatic Barrier Systems: These are systems controlled by a motorized mechanism and can interact with automatic systems such as remote controls, code panels, or card readers. They provide fast and secure passage, making them suitable for areas with heavy traffic.
    • Electronic Barrier Systems: Used in high-security areas, these barriers may include additional features such as vehicle scanning systems, license plate recognition systems, or security cameras. They can also be equipped with security technologies like card readers, encrypted entries, and biometric systems.

Pedestrian Passage Barrier Systems: These systems not only control vehicle traffic but also regulate pedestrian traffic. They ensure that pedestrians have limited access to a specific area. For instance, they can be used to control pedestrian movement in bus terminals or metro stations.

A turnstile passage system is a security system used for restricted access control and security purposes. It is employed in entrances to apartment buildings, factories, plazas, schools, gyms, stadiums, airports, metro stations, and many other locations. The turnstile passage system is designed to prevent unauthorized entries and allow only authorized individuals to pass. It consists of a mechanism with two-way rotating arms or barriers. An authentication method is used at the passage point to prevent unauthorized individuals from passing. This authentication method often involves technologies such as smart cards, fingerprint recognition devices, or facial recognition systems. The turnstile passage system has many features, and different models are available based on the needs of businesses and facilities. For example:

Tripod Turnstiles: These are compact models suitable for smaller areas, allowing passage for only one person at a time.

Full-Height Turnstiles: These are suitable for wider passage areas and can allow multiple people to pass simultaneously.

Accessible Turnstiles: These are designed to facilitate the comfortable passage of individuals using wheelchairs or with other disabilities.

Glass Turnstiles: These turnstiles provide a modern and elegant appearance, often used in luxury buildings and plazas.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are part of a security system used to record, monitor, and observe images. CCTV cameras are usually fixed in place and integrated into a system for real-time monitoring or recording through a control center or monitors. The primary purpose of CCTV cameras is to provide security and surveillance. They are commonly used in workplaces, public areas, traffic points, banks, airports, and public buildings. These cameras not only assist in detecting crimes but also act as a deterrent to prevent illegal activities.

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