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Ergosis provides consultancy services for the integration of all electronic systems, especially electronic security systems. This includes consultancy and system design services for the diverse use of the designed security system. This service allows businesses to save on different investment costs for topics such as employee attendance control and vehicle tracking, while ensuring that intelligently programmed systems enable end-users to go through processes without inconvenience.




A system consultant, responsible for fulfilling tasks related to system setup in the field of information technology and software. The system consultant can respond to any user’s information technology request. Additionally, in firms operating in the software sector, they are responsible for the maintenance and operation of computer systems. As part of their duties, they analyze and identify problems in the main program connected to the system, resolve issues occurring on the main server, and select and use various applications throughout the process.

System consultants are also responsible for the maintenance and operation of computer systems in companies operating in the software sector. Individuals practicing this profession inform their superiors about the solution processes regarding information technology support and hardware problem resolution. In addition, those working as system consultants are qualified professionals in the field in which they will work as consultants.


Frequently Asked Questions

The responsibilities and tasks of a system consultant include:

  • Conducting job analysis and design for the systems they are responsible for.
  • Conducting studies to improve existing systems.
  • Conducting system analysis and reporting necessary for process design.
  • Preparing test scenarios for software.
  • Conducting system, software, network analysis, and testing.
  • Collecting and evaluating customer needs and requests related to IT systems.
  • Performing installation and configurations in operation.
  • Planning and completing the installation process of network, computer, and infrastructure systems for companies.
  • Resolving problems in the infrastructure system and efficiently conducting maintenance tasks.
  • Establishing and monitoring security systems.
  • Implementing system data backup management.
  • Providing optimization for system data storage.
  • Configuring system devices.
  • Managing virtual system platforms.
  • Assisting in the secure use of information processing resources.
  • Providing end-user training on systems.
  • Conducting system analysis for customers within the scope of their current business processes.

In this context, consultancy services received during the planning phase will save companies from unnecessary system investment costs and prevent the infrastructure, effort, and time loss required for the installation of these systems.

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