ZEUS Employee Attendance Control System (EACS)

EACS - Employee Attendance Control System


ZEUS EACS is the most advanced system with a web interface that you can use within your organization’s local network for employee attendance tracking and management.

As known, Employee Attendance Control System (EACS) systems are crucial tools used to monitor, report, and manage the attendance-history status of employees in workplaces. These systems effectively support processes such as employee management and production planning within businesses. The reports provided by these systems offer critical information for employers and managers, including productivity analyses, cost calculations, and employee attendance-history analyses.

What is EACS?

The Employee Attendance Control System (EACS) is a system that facilitates employee tracking and enhances efficiency for businesses. This system is used to monitor employees’ clock-in/out times, absences, and overtime hours. EACS also supports leave management processes.

Among the positive impacts of EACS on businesses is an increase in profitability. Through detailed reporting features such as productivity analyses and cost calculations, businesses can optimize their processes, thereby utilizing resources more effectively. This can lead to increased profitability for businesses.

EACS, which is critical for businesses, is used to ensure employee continuity, increase productivity, and optimize business processes. This system provides managers with important data such as productivity analyses and cost calculations through its detailed reporting features.

EACS makes employee management more transparent and enables businesses to utilize their resources effectively. It assists employers and managers in monitoring employee performance and improving business processes.




ZEUS SELF is a self-service web solution where employees can track their shift and overtime plans, observe leave requests, and monitor remaining leave balances. It is a module of the ZEUS Employee Attendance Control System (EACS) software platform.

Users, logging into the ZEUS SELF screen with their credentials, can:

  1. View earned leave rights and used leaves on the “My Leaves” screen while also submitting a new leave request for managerial approval.
  2. Track the calendar of planned overtime work for themselves on the “Overtime” screen.
  3. Access the work schedule planned for themselves on the “Shift” screen.
Employee Attendance Control System with ZEUS EACS

Frequently Asked Questions

EACS, which stands for Employee Attendance Control System, is used to automatically track and record the entry and exit times of employees in a business or organization. This system is provided by Ergosis and is considered state-of-the-art in the industry.

With the EACS system, it is possible to control the entry and exit times of employee, easily identify who is late or early, and accurately calculate salary entitlements. EACS helps reduce the risk of legal issues due to errors resulting from manual data entry, and it is also crucial for legal compliance. Records of working hours and attendance status at the workplace can be used to provide official data required to be reported to government authorities. Additionally, the system facilitates the tracking of the punctuality system with the ability to obtain retrospective data.

Thanks to its central process management, EACS can easily integrate with Human Resources and Accounting programs, allowing you to generate new reports tailored to your needs. With the practical payroll attachment, you can obtain monthly salary information for all employees and prevent data loss through real-time data flow and monitoring.

EACS is a versatile system that can be used both within the organization’s local network with a web interface and as a cloud-based system that can be managed and used from anywhere. The Zeus EACS program has a user-friendly interface and is suitable for use on different platforms.

ZEUS Employee Attendance Control System offers comprehensive solutions for managing shift planning, leave, and overtime plans for your employees. With its flexible structure and embedded business intelligence, ZEUS EACS adds value to your business by handling background attendance processes and helping you gain back your daily workforce loss.

  • Automatic email support sends routine notifications to managers about employees’ late arrivals, early departures, and absenteeism, increasing control.
  • Detailed reporting options allow fast and effective reporting based on additional filter data set for your employees.
  • Calculate your half-day public holiday process quickly and easily on your standard shift schedule without changing your standard shift plan on public holidays.
  • The ability to perform parallel calculations allows for calculations in multiple work types for specified time intervals.
  • Keep track of your employees’ annual leave entitlements and quickly record the documents you follow for your employees in terms of human resources.

Reports generated by EACS systems help businesses evaluate their daily and long-term activities. Reports such as absentees report, early leavers report, latecomers report, and report on employees on leave are used to monitor and intervene in employee attendance discipline when necessary. The report on employees on leave allows tracking of the status of employee leaves.

Reports such as employee shift movements, overtime, daily attendance, monthly entry-exit, and employee status reports help businesses manage employee resources more effectively. These reports enable businesses to ensure employee continuity, plan shifts, and calculate overtime costs accurately.

Special status reports, such as those for individuals working more than 270 hours annually or those working more than 11 hours daily, assist employers in complying with legal regulations. The report on employee-related movements is crucial for occupational safety and employee satisfaction. The employee list report allows businesses to track their employee inventory.

Payroll reports provide the necessary data for employee salary calculations and tax payments, while reports such as weekly work report and those for employees working more than 7.5 hours in the night shift facilitate audits related to labor rights and working hours. The total overtime report helps businesses assess their overall overtime costs.

In conclusion, various reports provided by EACS systems support businesses in employee management, production planning, and financial analysis processes. These reports contribute to businesses operating more efficiently, systematically, and in compliance with regulations.

The EACS Program is a professional system that helps businesses observe and report on whether their employees are working in compliance with their working or shift hours. It tracks and records real-time data on various aspects such as entry and exit times, breaks, overtime, and more, allowing for accurate calculations of employee entitlements.

Ergosis, with its internally developed software, offers the opportunity to manage employee information, leave days, late arrival times, early departure times, annual leave, and more. The EACS Program facilitates the generation of custom reports for managers based on their specific requirements, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Without a reliable EACS program, businesses may struggle with compliance issues, payroll errors, and more. Transitioning from paper-based time schedules to EACS software can reduce administrative work, maintain accurate attendance records, and eliminate process errors. This allows businesses to streamline human resources management more effectively and evaluate employee performance more accurately.

The EACS Program comprises several components: the entry/exit interface, a database for storing data, and a reporting module for providing various reports. Some software systems may include additional features such as timing, payroll integration, and leave management.

Various technologies, including biometric devices, RFID cards, mobile applications, and web-based interfaces, can be used to implement the system. The EACS program, utilizing the latest technologies, ensures effectiveness, accuracy, and security. Employees can easily record their entry and exit with designated authentication methods.

EACS programs use a secure database to store all employee data. This secure storage reduces the risk of data loss. The ability to increase employee productivity and reduce absenteeism makes EACS programs advantageous for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, it aids in complying with workplace rules and regulations, saving time and effort for HR employee. The use of the latest technologies ensures security, accuracy, and legal compliance, optimizing business processes.

Employee Tracking Systems are technologies that, along with controlling the entry and exit times of employees, record real-time data on various aspects such as overtime, late arrivals, early departures, and more. They use fundamental Employee Tracking Systems such as Card-based Employee Tracking System, Fingerprint Employee Tracking System, Face Recognition Employee Tracking System, and Iris Recognition Employee Tracking System.

While Card-based and Fingerprint Employee Tracking Systems were more preferred in the past, Contactless Employee Tracking Systems have become more popular recently. Ergosis provides a comprehensive software solution for employee information, leave days, late arrival times, early departure times, annual leave, and more. As a result, Employee Tracking Systems enable the generation of reports on employee performance, supporting managers in making more informed decisions.

These systems contribute to creating a more efficient work environment by paying attention to employees’ entry and exit times. Employee Tracking Systems are widely used in businesses for security and discipline purposes. Authorization in areas requiring technical and security measures is controlled by determining entry permissions in employee tracking, ensuring control.

In areas requiring high security, Biometric Iris Employee Tracking Systems and Face Recognition Employee Tracking Systems are preferred.

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