Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying and losing keys for your door!

The Smart Door Management System brings more comfort and security to your daily life. This system allows you to easily control your doors with advanced technology, providing a security solution tailored to your lifestyle.

The system enables you to open doors using biometric face recognition devices, eliminating the need to deal with keys. It offers an intelligent security solution for unauthorized individuals attempting to access your door. You can remotely manage your door anytime using your own mobile application.


Ergosis aims to make a name for Turkey in global markets by developing innovative and advanced technology products. Professional, knowledgeable, and confident employees are the most important source of the company’s success and the development of innovative products. The Ergosis R&D Center, maintaining its leadership position in security systems, continues to keep pace with technological advancements and provide solutions tailored to the needs of its customers.


It is used to control the entry and exit of guests and their access rights to specific points in the hotel. Biometric records of guests are taken during hotel check-in, and the registration process is completed by entering the validity period of the accommodation. Through the facial recognition system placed at the facility entrance, more effective control is achieved throughout the guest’s stay, preventing unauthorized use.


The vehicle testing system, primarily designed for automotive companies, is developed to optimize the testing processes. Drivers quickly and securely match their vehicles by reading their cards when approaching the test gate. Thanks to the barcode scanning feature, data is automatically recorded, and the vehicle door is opened to start the test. Upon completion of the test, data can be quickly and easily retrieved. Important information such as which vehicle was tested and by whom can now be instantly reported.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Smart Door Management System is a developed system that allows authorized individuals to open the door using a biometric facial recognition device without the need for keys.

It enables you to manage your door remotely with your approval through your mobile application for unauthorized persons who come to your door.

When someone rings your doorbell, you receive an instant notification through your mobile application. You can view the person and communicate with them if you wish. If you consider the incoming person trustworthy, you can remotely unlock the door.

One of the system’s most important features is its ability to grant entry permissions for a specified period. This allows you to admit guests for a certain period and then automatically revoke their permissions, providing an additional layer of security. If you are forgetful or forget to close your door, the system takes care of it. The door automatically locks 15 seconds after leaving home.

The Smart Door Management System also offers the option to use a key in external situations, ensuring your safety at all times.

How Does the Smart Door Management System Work?

  • When your doorbell is pressed, you receive a notification through the mobile application on your phone.
  • You can unilaterally view the person at your door through the application, engage in a mutual conversation if you wish, end the call without speaking, or remotely unlock the door.
  • Entry permissions can be given to users for a specified period and can be automatically revoked when the time expires.
  • You can lock your door with a door lock featuring fingerprint scanning.
  • Your door automatically locks 15 seconds after leaving home.
  • In external situations or emergencies, you can use your key.

🚪 Keyless Entry: No more carrying or forgetting keys! You can open your door with a biometric facial recognition device.

📱 Mobile Application Control: Receive an instant mobile app notification when your doorbell is pressed and remotely unlock your door.

📹 Unilateral Viewing: Unilaterally view the person at your door and engage in a mutual conversation if desired.

🔐 Security Authorization: Grant entry permissions to users for specific periods and automatically revoke them when the time expires.

🔒 Automatic Lock: Ensure additional security by automatically locking your door 15 seconds after leaving home.

🔑 Backup Key: Always have the option to use your key in emergencies.

The Smart Door Management System is designed to meet the needs of modern living and provides a comprehensive solution to enhance your security. All information is under your control!

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