Our Policies


1-) Quality Policy

Our fundamental goal is to continually provide products of quality that ensure customer satisfaction and comply with international standards. The company management, in order to ensure customer satisfaction, pledges to:
• Continually improve the quality management system,
• Provide all necessary resources,
• Meet the training needs of employees,
• Embrace contemporary management principles,
• Keep pace with evolving technology and show respect to nature, the state, customers, suppliers, employees, and competition.

2-) Environmental Policy

Our aim at Ergosis is to leave a clean, healthy environment for future generations. To achieve this, we adopt the following principles:
• Adhere to all legal regulations and other obligations related to the environment in our industry,
• Establish an environmental management system to fulfill all requirements,
• Attempt to reduce waste generated from our facilities at the source and facilitate recycling as much as possible,
• Keep our facilities’ efficiency at the highest level by following evolving technology to minimize losses,
• Minimize the use of natural resources through continuous improvement efforts,
• Raise awareness among all our employees and individuals and companies we interact with regarding environmental issues,
• Continuously improve our environmental performance and consider environmental impacts in our new product and investment decisions. We pledge to reflect the requirements of this policy in our activities!

3-) Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our priority in all our activities at Ergosis is to ensure occupational health and safety. To achieve this, we embrace the following principles:
• Meet and continually improve the requirements of the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System,
• Comply with legal regulations related to occupational health and safety in all our activities,
• Train and raise awareness among all our employees to ensure their health and safety.
• Ensure compliance with established OHS rules for all our employees, suppliers, and visitors.
• Identify and eliminate factors that may cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases in our operations.
• Measure and improve the performance of the OHS management system to enhance overall safety.
• Stay informed about technological developments in Occupational Health and Safety and align our investments accordingly.
• Promote the participation of our employees and suppliers in all our processes.
We commit to reflecting the requirements of this policy in our activities.

4-) Customer Satisfaction Policy:

• Provide communication channels through which our customers can easily convey their expectations, complaints, suggestions, and satisfaction.
• Be open to all kinds of feedback from our customers, and resolve all notifications with a customer-focused approach, adhering to principles such as transparency, accessibility, privacy, accountability, neutrality, integrity, responsiveness, and reliability.
• Implement a philosophy of continuous improvement and development in all our processes, based on customer expectations, legal regulations, and standards.
• Produce solutions by prioritizing working in compliance with customer expectations, legal regulations, and standards.
• Establish a strong, accurate, clear, and sustainable customer-corporate relationship for the products we offer to our customers.
We commit to these principles.

5-) Information Security Policy:

• Continuously improve the effectiveness of the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.
• Regularly review and control risks, keeping risks above an acceptable level under control.
• Increase the awareness of our employees about information security through awareness training.
• Fully comply with laws and regulations.
• We commit to these principles.

6-) Industry 4.0 Policy:

Facilitate system monitoring and fault detection.
Establish and develop the IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure that enables machines and devices to communicate with each other.
Establish and develop artificial intelligence infrastructure and systems that enable computers to learn, communicate, and make decisions.
We commit to these principles.
• Establishment and development of the infrastructure for the integration of augmented reality and virtual reality applications,
• Establishment and improvement of the infrastructure for simulation studies of systems or hardware,
• Management of device cloud,
• Management of big data,
• Utilization of all kinds of third-party system services on the Internet,
• Establishment of end-user interface development mechanisms,
• Having modern cybersecurity mechanisms,
• Providing horizontal/vertical software integration,

7-) Sales Policy

At Ergosis, our relationships with customers are based on simplicity and honesty. In our customer relationship management approach, unconditional customer satisfaction is adopted as a principle. To ensure customer satisfaction in the best possible way, we embrace the following principles:
• Ensuring continuity in customer focus,
• Increasing product diversity in line with our customers’ demands,
• Improving product and service quality,
• Ensuring the recognition of our products and their conscious use,
• Strengthening the distribution channel structure,
• Determining continuous actions through customer segmentation studies and improving all processes that touch the customer,
• Maintaining the importance we give to the loyalty system.

😎 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Ergosis considers acting with a sense of corporate social responsibility as a fundamental element of its management philosophy. The scope of our corporate social responsibility primarily includes our business activities, society, environment, and our employees. Our understanding of responsibility and our priorities in this regard are determined by considering what is best for society and the environment.

The fundamental principles that we base on in our corporate social responsibility practices are as follows:

• Ensuring harmonious collaboration among individuals with different beliefs, thoughts, and opinions in our working areas.
• Avoiding discrimination among our employees based on language, race, color, gender, political beliefs, beliefs, religion, sect, age, physical disabilities, and similar reasons.

• Making efforts for the development of our society within the framework of the corporate social responsibility principle.

• Believing that the foundation of social suitability lies in conscious employees, increasing the awareness level of employees by informing them about personal rights, company rules, and working conditions during the recruitment process and periodically during the working period.
• Adhering to the age limits set by laws and regulations by not employing child labor.

• Working with the highest level of honesty in all business activities and relationships under the principle of transparency; staying away from all forms of corruption, bribery, extortion, and abuse in any way, in line with the principle of transparency.
• Managing environmental impacts responsibly arising from all our activities.

In our corporate social responsibility practices, our objectives are as follows.

9-) Water Policy

At Ergosis, we adopt a sustainability approach in all our business processes in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to leave a sustainable world for future generations. We are aware that water is of vital importance for living beings, that access to clean water is a fundamental human right, and that our policies and actions related to water management have a significant impact on all our stakeholders.

While identifying water-related risks in the countries where we operate according to the World Resources Institute (WRI), we will further develop our water use and management practices prioritized in our sustainability strategy with parallel efforts in all group companies. Our water policy encompasses three fundamental approaches:

• Ensuring access to clean and safe water for all our employees,
• Providing effective water management beyond the requirements of legal compliance in our business processes,
• Prioritizing innovative water management systems in new investment projects,
• Encouraging practices such as rainwater collection and wastewater recovery and establishing infrastructures,
• Identifying and evaluating water-related risks in all our group companies.

• Improving water monitoring systems using innovative technologies, reducing water consumption, and increasing water efficiency,
• Setting goals to reduce water footprint,
• Prioritizing water management in companies and locations with high water stress based on regional assessments resulting from WRI water risk reports,
• Offering products and solutions to our customers with less impact on water.

Raise Awareness
• Increasing awareness of our stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, and the community) about the conservation of water resources and responsible water use,
• Supporting water management by participating in national and international water initiatives through collaborations with NGOs, public entities, and corporate partnerships in water protection, sanitation, and hygiene,
• Paying attention to water performance in supplier selection and evaluation.

We commit to managing these practices in an integrated manner, in conjunction with Integrated Management Systems, Greenhouse Gas, and Sustainability policies.

10-) Human Rights Policy

The purpose of Ergosis Human Rights Policy is to create an inclusive framework that reflects Ergosis’ approach to human rights for the entire Ergosis corporate community, emphasizing the importance Ergosis places on fundamental human rights.

All employees and managers of group companies are obliged to act in accordance with this policy.

The Human Rights Policy is based on the UN Global Compact, UN Human Rights and Business Guidance, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

In this regard, as Ergosis:

• As a part of the community in the countries where we operate, we commit to taking into account and addressing human rights issues that are important to local communities.

• In decision-making processes such as recruitment, placement, training, compensation, and promotion, we commit to basing decisions on the employee’s qualifications, performance, skills, and experience without discrimination based on race, gender, marital status, religion, etc., and adopting an equal approach.

• In positions requiring heavy and dangerous work in group companies, we commit not to employ individuals under the age of 18 under any circumstances, and not to employ labor under duress or unwillingly.

• We commit to respecting the right of all our employees to join a union and engage in collective bargaining within the framework of legal regulations, and not subjecting employees exercising these rights to any form of discrimination.

• We commit to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, reaching the zero-accident goal by making regulations beyond Occupational Health and Safety legislation in the countries and workplaces where we operate.

• We commit to providing all our employees with a safe working environment free from any disturbing conditions such as harassment, abuse, or exploitation arising from internal or external threats and staying away from all forms of violence.

• We commit to complying with working hours and overtime provisions determined by local legal regulations in the countries where we operate, and adhering to our wage policy in line with the sector and local labor market when determining wages.

We undertake to communicate, implement, and effectively communicate to all our employees, and to monitor it by providing effective communication.


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