ManageOnCloud – Cloud EMS and ACS Employee Management and Attendance Control Service

You can record the entry and exit (start and leave work) records of your employee working at multiple locations in real-time and location-based with or without hardware, regardless of whether they work in a mobile or fixed working model. Instant reporting and creating the basis for payroll with the data collected in the cloud are possible. The most significant advantage of the service is that it can be started through mobile terminals without the need for any hardware and can be easily stopped at the desired time in time-based projects. Ergosis Mobile Employee Service Tracking Service (EMESTS) You can learn the routes of your services, the boarding and alighting times, and the locations of your employee in real-time.


Subscription Process

Product & System Information

• Detailed system information is provided to the customer.
• Customer expectations and requests are learned.
• Customer requests are evaluated, and the correct system selection is made.


• The location where the system will be installed is determined.
• Projected.


• Pricing work is done according to the discovery.
• The price study is tendered and conveyed to the customer.

Approval & Request Process

• The customer approves the offer conveyed to him and requests a contract from Ergosis.
• The contract is signed by the customer.

System Installation & Billing Process

• The system is installed by Ergosis and delivered in working condition.
• Payments are made through virtual POS or mail order.

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