Software Development and Customizing

The most significant problem in the projects which different technologies come together is the subjects such as gathering these systems under a single roof, ensuring, correlating and reporting data sharing.

In many projects you can encounter in the market, even connecting fire warning system and entry security system to each other is called integration and this situation causes concept confusion with respect to the word 'integration'.

Carrying out all system integration by the firms designing and implementing systems such as weak current, mechanics, electricity, security, elevator, station, voicing, network, telephone etc. is not an ordinary case. However, the idea of reporting these systems on a single screen was thought by everyone but could not be realized for many years. Ergosis, meeting Turkey with innovations since 1999 when it was established, achieved the firsts in integrated software development and customizing, realized the first smart building in Turkey, designed and put the first central security and checking system into service.
Thanks to software team it hosts within its body, many projects of Ergosis, producing turnkey hardware and software projects customized to your establishment, still reserve their feature to be unique.

Do you prefer that the software you buy is a package programme and you cannot make the changes you want, or it has a flexibility to be developed? Purpose made software provided by Ergosis is developed by 100% expert software team. All of our software is in a modular form and can be shaped according to the demands of the customer. Therefore, it is possible for us to manage all weak current systems under the same roof, independently from system and brand. Ergosis is your closest solution partner in the projects special for you with the confidence and experience gained from previous experiences.