Periodical Maintenance and Service

That system works uninterruptedly after projecting and start up is the main philosophy of Ergosis.

Paying importance to service quality as far as its products and projects, Ergosis keeps on its professional services with "Service Continuity and Service Contract" after delivery of system as well.

Our after sales service department, formed with engineers, technicians and software developers, who are educated and expert in their field is structured to provide service 7 days 24 hours uninterruptedly. Our technical service keeps on its services in compliance with TS-12540 criteria since 2000.

In order to keep up changing and developing technology as a requirement of a high quality service, our technical team participates in domestic/foreign trainings of all systems sold and implemented periodically.
By means of the periodical maintenance implemented, error/failure rate of the system is minimized and maximum output is aimed, customers are informed by sharing periodical maintenance reports with them. The aim of the periodical maintenance is to determine errors in the system before they exist and minimize service costs/disconnection delays.

As a requirement of its service quality, Ergosis provides replacement products instead of the ones belonging to the customers with maintenance contract and of which repair is impossible in service site. Therefore Ergosis customers guarantee the system to function uninterruptedly by obtaining maintenance contract. Troubleshooting is guarantied for the customers making maintenance contract within the same day, this quality standard is targeted for the customers not having the contract.