Integration and Project Implementation

Ergosis does not leave enterprises alone with the system projectized in its designed form in its implementation phase, too. No matter how well the system is planned, it has no meaning unless its implementation is not made correctly.

Implementation of the project in required quality, by using the products and technologies it deserves is one of the supplementary services we provide which brings success.

With the fully integrated solutions produced by Ergosis, error margin in the systems is minimized, a saving is made from workforce. For instance, after an integration carried out in a high rise building, when a fire alarm is activated in any floor, only the users in that floor is directed to exits with audible announcement and the exit doors of that floor are disengaged meanwhile lightened caution signs are activated and users can be warned visually. Or data regarding on which floor users work is entered to the system, an elevator can be called to the user entered in building automatically and user can go up to his/her floor without pushing any buttons.
Checking can be made on PACS software by taking entry data in the security system and can be transferred automatically to SAP, IFS etc. payroll software. Likewise, all entry authorization of a personnel whose work contract is terminated can be retrieved over another system.

You can contact us to get information on customized integrations of Ergosis and to add more value to your project.