Card Entry Systems

With Entry Control Systems, it is aimed at providing personnel to access facilities and services in the fastest way, therefore increasing general security of campus and then following and reporting all activities in the most effective way.

Today, integration of different systems with one another and their management from one center is a need. Thus, software and hardware of entry control system should work as integrated with personnel attendance follow up, security and authorization systems. By this means, time and personnel needs the business owner will spend will decrease. All records belonging to the system should be kept in a worldwide known common database enabling sharing. Thanks to that, third party systems can take and enter information when required. Thanks to the authorization from a single point, all users can carry out monitoring, management and reporting of the group for which they are responsible within their authorization group. Users can interfere with the system in line with their authorizations on client computer side. Any malfunctions that can be occur on client computer side will not affect the system and it can keep on to work with system server and other clients. On the other hand, using TCP/IP technology creates ease of use both in terms of system developer and user. The system can be installed in any environment with a TCP/IP network, the points installed can contact with one another, carry out online monitoring and reporting regardless of their physical location thanks to the gateways structured accordingly. In addition, the system works integratedly with closed circuit camera system can direct CCTV system to the points entered and giving an alarm or inform to monitoring operator. One of the most significant security subjects of these systems are the visitors procedure and authorization assignment. Supporting online authorization on visitors group, cancellation of card authorization as from exit moment and granting minimum authorization to visitors on the route they go and carrying out all these by selecting with a single mark of the personnel to be visited are supported by the system.

On the other hand, the system supports such as authorization on the basis of time and region, elevator system control, information sharing based on checking system, sending determined motions or events through e-mail or paging system, card assignment, and online watcher tour system are available.