Camera Systems

Ergosis supplies risk analyses and project work made blow-by-blow with products of state-of-the-art technology and designs perfect and thorough CCTV systems. Providing high quality, economical and long lasting CCTV solutions compatible with business conditions with wide product range and achieving customer satisfaction by meeting their needs is our objective in these designs.

We can separate close circuit TV systems into two categories as IP and Analog according to their technologies.

As in all electronic systems, planning and exploration has great importance in camera systems as in all systems. For instance; in public and busy places, high resolution and high quality display is needed for security operator to identify physical features and clothes of the person it determined as suspicious. You can get support from our electronic security experts for choosing camera, lens, stand and technology compatible with the place the camera system is to be installed. The facts that to what extent the system will be extended and whether it will work integratedly with other systems during planning and product selection hagreat importance. For instance, in our card entry system when a user scan his/her card in the entry point, you can enable taking a photo or video by focusing on entry point of the moving camera in that area. Or, you can enable the system to send you the photo when an unauthorized entry demand is made in any points.

It is also possible to crown the CCTV system installed with smart video analysis according to the needs of the business. With video analysis process;

Environment security,
Determining the number of vehicles passing on a point,
Plate identification,
Forgotten-suspicious package,
Suspicious (wandering) person identification,
Man counting function,
Target object tracking
can be carried out.

In addition, the system work with closed circuit camera system, can direct CCTV system passed and alarm giving points or inform monitoring operator.