Visitors Tracking and Reporting Software

By means of e-Sophist Visitors Tracking System, you can see the reports of the visitors inside, leaving or all visitors entry-exit reports. There is no need to register the visitors whose records were taken before.

Exclusive authorization can be assigned to visitors in specific conditions, authorizations of a visitor can be taken back just as he/she leaves from the place. In case that cards are lost, it can be seen who used the card where lastly.

With forbidden visitor module, you can forbid visitors and provide instant information of users.

You can take whether identity card photos or facial photos of visitors and keep them in the system together with visitors’ details.

It ensures the information recorded to report as you wish.
Receivable Reports:

With the option ‘all’ it lists all records within time interval indicated.
With company option, information of company or department are reported within time interval indicated according to the selection made.
With personnel selection, visits of the selected personnel are displayed within time interval indicated.
With card selection, visitors card are listed and visits made with the selected card are listed.
With visitors selection, visits made by visitor are listed.
With selection of the Personnel With Auxiliary Card, the personnel using visitors card are listed.
With All Visitors List selection, all visits made within time interval indicated are listed.
With Visitor Companies selection, information of the companies making a visit within time interval indicated is reported.
Thanks to the software that can be integrated with PACS software, in case that a personnel forgets his/her card, a visitor card can be given him/her and the authorization of the forgotten card can be taken and transferred to this new card.

One of the most important security subjects of visitor tracking system is visitors procedure and authorization assignment. Supporting online authorization on visitors group, cancellation of card authorization as from exit moment and granting minimum authorization to visitors on the route they go and carrying out all these by selecting with a single mark of the personnel to be visited are supported by the system. On the other hand, the system supports such as authorization on the basis of time and region, elevator system control, information sharing based on checking system, sending determined motions or events through e-mail or paging system, card assignment, online watcher tour system are available.