Prison Tracking and Reporting Software

E Sophist Prison Tracking System is a tracking and reporting software developed by Ergosis for prisons and detention houses where definitive security is required.

After personal information of visitor is entered on software information screen, eye record of the visitor is taken and an authorization is assigned. When visitor comes to secure entry point, he/she can enter in only by scanning his/her eye. At the same time, it ensures perfect security by preventing exit of those who did not exit within the period defined for him/her. The visitors in this case are taken out with a report by applying the official procedure determined by management.

Thanks to e-Sophist Prison software, you can determine who comes as a visitor to which prisoner and reach the list of people inside whenever.

With forbidden visitors’ module, you can provide an extra control.

You can take reporting according to any information recorded.
Receivable Reports:

Visits Made to Prisoner: A search can be made according to name of the prisoner.
Visits Made to Personnel: It reports visits made to personnel.
Personnel Entry-Exit: It gives movements of personnel within a day.
List of Insiders: It gives list of visitors and personnel who are inside instantly.
Prisoners List: It gives the list of prisoners registered in the system.
Prisoner Release List: It lists prisoners released in the system. Visitors Details: It gives detailed information of visitors.
Personnel Details: It gives detailed information of personnel.
Prisoner Details: It gives detailed information of prisoners.
Report by Visitor Type: The report taken by visitor type. Attorney, Visitor, Judge, Prosecutor etc. Prisoner Visit List: Daily visitors list.
Personnel List: List of the personnel registered in the system.
Forbidden prisoner list: It gives the list of prisoners with a visiting ban.