PACS (Personnel Attendance Control Software)

The aim of E-Sophist Personnel Attendance Control System, 100% developed by Ergosis software development department, is to ensure attendance control of personnel and increase the control of productivity on workplace. The programme ensures monitoring and calculating the records (entries-exits of personnel, overtime work, absence, leaves, and resting time) taken from card reader, fingerprint reader and iris recognition devices. If so desired, the calculated periods are conveyed to the relevant programmes. One of the biggest features of e-Sophist PACS software is that it complies with companies comfortably which has different and complicated working conditions (shifts, posts, work definitions etc.).

Desired data from all screens in Personnel Attendance Control System can be transferred to Excel with a single button.

A special design can be made for the reports to be submitted to management. Moreover, it can sent e-mails automatically to indicated e-mail addresses in determined times.

Checking can be prepared in fast and effective way, you can see the disruptions in shift order without losing time.

Receivable Reports:
Absentee Report: The report of those who did not come to the workplace in their shift.
Early Leavers: The report of the personnel who leaves work before ending hour of their shift.
Late Comers: The report of the personnel starting to work after start time of their shift.
On Leave List: The report of the personnel who are on leave.
Personnel Shift Movements: The report in which movements of personnel within shift are listed.
Personnel List: The report giving company and depoartment diffracted personnel.
Overtime Work Report: The report of the personnel working overtime.
Daily Checking Report: The report of the checking made daily.
Monthly Checking Report: The report in which checking details are shown for a period of 1 month.
Manual Movements Report: The report in which manual movement records made by users of PDKS programme are listed.
Monthly Entry-Exit Report: Monthly first entry - last exit report based on shifts of personnel.
Detailed Report: A different report in which daily checking report is shown.
Absentee Report with Size: The report which the list of absent personnel is given together with personnel size on the basis of department.
Who is Inside Report: The report giving the list of the personnel who are in the workplace.

Apart from these reports, customized reports can be created for organizations.