Arceon Electronic Systems and Technology – Ergosis Security Systems Joint Venture:

The joint venture contract made in 2016 with Arceon Electronics, providing high-technology and value added turnkey solutions and consultancy services to public and private sector, aims converting the powers existing in both parts in their fields in to a synergy. By virtue of this partnerhip, as Ergosis – Arceon, it is aimed at designing developed technologies and integration solutions in a way to be productive, usable and always comply with occurring needs and putting in service.
Our joint venture consists of serving turnkey solutions containing all products and services such as providing operable solutions of high quality in all facilities where security needs and usage are important such as Airports, Industrial Facilities, Penal Institutions – Courthouses and Administrative Buildings, developing projects, supporting user trainings and effective operation of systems.
As Ergosis, starting up in 1997 and Arceon, carrying out significant projects since 2007, we continue to be a leading system integrator and technology provider in the sector with this strong business partnership we established under the roof of Ergosis

İş ortaklığımız; Havalimanları, Endüstriyel Tesisler, Cezaevi-Adalet Sarayları, Yönetim Binaları gibi güvenlik ihtiyacı ve kullanımın önemli olduğu tüm tesislerde kaliteli, işletilebilir çözümler sunmak, projeler geliştirmek, kullanıcı eğitimleri ile sistemlerin efektif işletilmesine destek vermek gibi tüm ürün ve hizmetleri içeren anahtar teslim çözümler sunmaktadır.