About Us

The company launched with the name “Ergosis USA” in New York where new technologies are firstly bushes out and world economy pulses in 1999 by two young Turkish engineers, moved its operations to Turkey in 2000 to execute Turkish representative office of Iridian Technologies, creator of eye recognition technology with the method of iris tissue analysis and holding universal patent of this technology.

Carrying out the most complicated projects of Turkey in the field of biometri, which is a relatively new technology and therefore being the most known name, Ergosis provides consultancy services dependently to this technology, as well. In our country where infrastructure and knowledge on biometry has recently started to reach to the desired level, Ergosis aims at providing services in Turkish market at the level provided in the most developed countries in this concern.
Listed in Fast 50 organized traditionally in 2006 by Deloitte, Ergosis registered its place among the fastest-growing 50 companies of Turkey.

Incorporated in Elor Holding in 2008, Ergosis strenghtened its financial structure and continued to take firm steps forward its goal. As a result of its successful projects in the sector, Ergosis became a joint stock company in 2011.

Ergosis, seeing that customers could not get in return for their investments due to the gap of system integrator in the project it has engaged in the recent years, it spreads on effort to close this gap and assumes the function of "integrator" in its projects.

The most significant source of Ergosis, having the vision to make a name of Turkey in world markets with innovative products and services, in carrying out that, is its professional, wise, self conficent, modern and brave presonnel.

Making the best of its sources to approach one more step to perfection day by day, Ergosis aims at consolidating its place in the future by guaranteeing the existence of its customers in the future.